Utilizing precision control devices throughout the chilled and heating water systems, Flow Control Industries provided a cost effective solution to add capacity, improve efficiency, simplify operation and reduce maintenance.


Denver International Airport


Needed to replace hundreds of chilled and heating water distribution pumps that were reaching the end of their useful lives. The capital cost and ongoing maintenance costs were significant, and the system was known to be less efficient than current system designs.


Replaced more than 500 cold and hot water control valves at air handling units and UHs with new DeltaPValves


  • 6.8M kWh annual reduction energy consumption
  • 820 kW demand reduction
  • 15M lbs/yr reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Energy savings of 6.8M kWh/year
  • Annual cost reduction of over $400,000
  • $330,000 Rebate
  • Chilled water delta T increased by 56%
  • Heating water delta T increased by 75%